Forge World Plague Marines

A while back I was given the Forge World Plague Marine Upgrades, something I have wanted since I started playing the game. Well it took me almost 2 years again, but I finally painted the whole lot!

It took some time,planning, and of course a box of Chaos Space Marines to get the squad just right but I am really happy with the result.

Those of you familiar with the older versions of Warhammer 40k will recognise the Champion as the same Plague Marine in the 3rd edition Codex. It was a great picture with his jaw hanging down around the pipe jutting up into his jaw. Truly go across the disgusting filth that Plague Marines are. I love them so much.

I imagine this fellow as the squad's second in command. So I gave him the awesome spike on his pack as a signifier. Not that that that tank is in the rules or anything. Just a little roleplay on my part.

I really like the Nurgle Standard in the Chaos Space Marine box these days, so I also made sure to include one of those in the squad.

Now, I don't have a lot of luck with Plasma Rifles. I just roll too many 1's. But in keeping with the classic Death Guard spread, I gave this guy one... And will hope for the best.

I gave this guy a flamer because I don't use them very often. I want to try them out a little bit more and see if they are actually worth it.

What do you guys think of flamers?

Just a classic Death Guard set up just like the True Grit Rules that let them one hand a bolter like a pistol and rock a close combat weapon. Oh for the good ol' days or 3rd edition.

Just a standard Plague Marine. But I quite proud of the head hanging from his shoulder pad.

I love the little eye.

And another with the True Grit rules. I do love that old school bloated belly though! Looks so good!

To give the Plague Marines Their Plague Knives, I removed the Chain sword from the left hand and glued the knife into place after removing the grip from the knife's hilt. It is a little touch that I have been doing for years.

And there you have it, my 10 Plague Marine squad from Forge World. I can't wait to get them on the table and into play soon!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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