2nd Edition Druid Character Sheet

This week were are onto the Druid character sheet. Now druids are not the most popular choice at the JADE table. Not out of any animosity, it is more that the whole priest major class doesn't quite suite our playing style.

The top of the Druid sheet is pretty standard. Large sections to cover your basic stats and combat abilities. Of course the big difference here is the large section for granted powers. In 2nd edition, Druids get a lot of abilities, and I think having access to all of them on the first page is amazing.

Your back page is entirely devoted to inventory, XP and Henchmen/Animal Companions. I love it! The check boxes for supplies, the area to sketach out items/small maps. It reminds me of another 2nd ed character sheet I found.... But I will show you that later.

The final sheet is devoted to setting up your character kit. I have to say that I really like the full page for the character kit. there is often so much information involved in using one, and the standard sheets just don't have the capacity to handle it.

I think so far this is my favourite sheet. It is straight forward, while still being large enough to cover all the info you need. For me that is what I am looking for in a sheet.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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