JADE's Top 5 Unique Player (and NPC) Deaths

Over the years JADE has had a lot of death in Tabletop RPG's. A few years back we looked at JADE's Top 7 Embarrassing Character Deaths this time we are going to look at those JADE characters that lost their tabletop lives in unique, unusual, or simply memorable ways.

Enoch Fellstone

1. Erased From Time

In Chapter 1 of JADE's Arachnophobia Campaign Adam's character Enoch Fellstone got himself erased from time. In a disagreement over whether or not Thomas the Chronomancer should be permitted to resurrect people through time travel or if that was against the natural order, Enoch and Thomas got into a fight, and Thomas pulled him into the Temporal Prime.

After a quick back and forth where Enoch revealed that resurrections of any kind violated his beliefs, Thomas left him in the Temporal Prime. Once you are in the Temporal Prime, your time line is removed and you no longer exist on the material plane. So no one but Thomas (as his timeline crosses/causes the banishing event) remembers he existed.

Enoch was killed in the Temporal Prime two days later by temporal dogs, and though they have seen some signs of his travels in the Temporal Prime they have never encountered his corpse.

Orin Cutter

2. Death by Hypothermia

A while ago we did an article about hypothermia as introduced in 1st ed AD&D. It can be a real danger, and while our characters who have been travelling in late fall/early winter have seen their fair share of it, Orin "Cutter" Broil was the first party member to die of it.

While being carried over a river he was accidentally dunked in and the poor level 2 character didn't have enough hit points to make it through the night. It was a fascinating happening that really made everyone very aware of the temperature in game and just how deadly nature can be, and frankly we never expected it would go that far.

Dremmond Farwell

3. Died in Glorious Battle

Another event from Hymns of a Vagabond, the fighter Dremmond Farwell, died in an absolutely heroic manner. with a party no greater than five, we stormed a goblin fortress defended by 30 or more goblins (we never got an exact count), however while battling at the gate, arrows rained down upon us. Dremmond took it on himself to shield the party from the arrows, resucing our healer Kvara and the rest of  us from certain defeat.

Unfortunately there were to many arrows for Dremmond's shield to keep up with and struck too many times, he fell a hero. We buried him in a in the courtyard of the Hold that he died to liberate, and honour his memory.


4. Stabbed in the Back

While chatting one day, Elijah reminded of an event from one of JADE's first D&D campaigns as a group. At the end of Conquest of Frey the party was confronted by a Mind Flayer; a creature many challenge levels above us. My Dark Dwarf Wizard Dwannis Muck-Mug went seven rounds against the Mind Flayer while his comrades Bodie and Raskavas were effected by a paralyzing spell.

Dwannis' effort was valiant, but ultimately futile as the Mind Flayer eventually overpowered him eat devoured his brain. When the spell effecting Bodie and Raskvas wore off, Raskvas tried to rally Bodie and lunged at the Mind Flayer to avenge his friend. But Bodie had other ideas.

With his back turned, Bodie lunged at Raskavas, killing him and swearing allegiance to the Mind Flayer and pledge his service. We had no idea it was coming and Elijah totally caught us off guard. Dave awarded him by having the Mind Flayer accept, which ended that part of the campaign.

Allison Rey

5. The Curious Case of Allison Rey

"Let me tell you the story of Allison Rey, who died three times on the very same day..."

Well actually it was closer to over a span of 40 hours but Allison Rey did indeed die three separate times within that span.

Again in JADE's Arachnophobia Campaign, around the time that Thomas the Chronomancer was just learning about Time Travel, Allison was killed by spiders. This was his first time travel event and he went back in order to save her life.

After doing so and fleeing the area where she was killed, the party continued South only to encounter a group of Bandits and for her to be killed again. So for a second time Thomas went back and tried to save her.

This time she survived the bandits, however while she took a night's watch Enoch who believed she was undead murdered her in the night. This was the last straw, and Thomas chose to let her rest. And since that point he has been more cautious about making major alterations to the timeline. Having a redo doesn't mean you can fix something and can often be more trouble then it is worth.

So those are 5 of our unique and memorable deaths we have seen through our D&D careers. What are yours?
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