Orin "Cutter" Broil

Orin "Cutter" Broil is no older than sixteen. He was abandoned by his family upon reaching his teen years and took up a position as a kitchen boy at a shady tavern frequented by thieves and cutthroats outside of the equally shady town of Thachet. Over the years of working in the tavern Cutter learned the thieving arts, as well as some magic spells during his trips into Thachet. Though young, Cutter was a promising thief and had some aptitude for magic: His future with the thieves was looking bright.

All of that changed though when a goblin scouting party ransacked the tavern forcing him to flee and seek shelter elsewhere. With the road to Thachet blocked by goblin patrols, he fled South to an old meeting place in the area. There he encountered Sen and Aren who brought him back to Waerham's Hold and he has served as the cook ever since.

In game terms Cutter is a level 1 Thief/Magic User in First Edition AD&D. He is now part of our Hymns of a Vagabond Campaign; though his Player has sadly been absent from the passed few sessions, so he has largely kept to the background.

We don't know much about Cutter other then he quickly latches on to people, and is a bit of a compulsive liar with a need to please. Classic Teenager.

Cutter's mini come from Magister Militum with a small addition of the bow poking out over his left shoulder. Let's hope he proves his worth in the party as the game continues.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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