Sirva the 15mm Paladin

In Game 21 of JADE's 1st ed AD&D campaign Hymns of a Vagabond the party finally began their journey to the mysterious town of Thachet with the hopes of selling their stolen spell book. While only a few hours from town, they encountered two travellers an Elven Fighter, and a Paladin named Sirva.

Sirva, claimed to be from a monastery a few days from here, and that she was investigating why Thachet had been ignored by the Goblins. We were able to help her by showing her our goblin map with the strange note by Thachet that read "avoid!" However, she needed more evidence and decided to follow us into town.

Given her Lawful Good nature and this party's tendency to get into some... let's call it extra-legal trouble, I am not sure how long Sirva will last with the party, but another skilled fighter is always a welcome addition.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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