The Etrich Taube

The Etrich Taube is one of the first planes used in WW1 by both the allies and the Central Powers. First built in Austria in 1912, the Taube was considered sturdy and stable and thus the perfect observation craft. Its operation history is extensive and saw service with nations including, Germany, Austria, Italy, The Ottoman Empire, Japan, and the list goes on.

The Taube was quickly outclassed as more modern and powerful aircraft were developed during the war, and the Taube was largely regulated to training duties. It is eve said that the Red Barn himself learned to fly in a Taube.

In Canvas Eagles, the Rumpler Taube (Rumpler was a licensed manufacturer during the war) is a bit of a joke. It is the lowest pointed plane in the game at 16 points, and it is not armed with a machine gun - only an observer wielded rifle.

Now, we did have to modify the "rifle/carbine" rules in Canvas Eagles to make them more functional. In the book you they give you unlimited ammo and 360 degree firing arc. This basically guarantees you a hit every round, and with the possibility of auto kills we had to add in some ammo limitations making it much more reasonable.

The only place I know that sells 1/300th scale Etrich Taubes is Heroics and Ros, and they have an excellent collection of 1/300th scale aircraft and military minis from just about any time period in history. Honestly most of my planes come from there.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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