Thomas The Chronomancer

So the party in JADE's Arachnophobia Campaign consists of a Lawful Evil Gnomish Thief and Beggar, and a True Neutral Human Death Priest. I think Dave's character takes it a step further. For those familiar with 2nd Ed (and I mean really familiar) will remember that the expanded material added a new wizard class in: The Chronomancer - A Time Wizard.

As a class Chronomancers don't actually operate all that much different from regular wizards, aside from them getting a bonus spell from the Chronomancy school everyday, and slightly more XP (60/spell cast, and 600/spell researched rather than the usual 50/500). So what makes chronomancers unique are their access to Chronomancy Spells. There are spells that let you predict 6hrs into the future/level. Spells that let you cause minor to major paradoxes in the game's time line. There are spells that let you travel into the demi-plane of time, find some ones life line, and teleport to within 10miles of where they currently are.

Chronomancy spells let you change the very nature of the game you are playing and Dave simply couldn't resist that idea, and has been trying to include it in a campaign for some time now. The problem has been, it just hasn't quite fit in anything until now. Luckily, Arachnophobia is set in a fairly stock D&D fantasy world, so just about anything goes here: the perfect testing ground for such a wonky class.

Thomas is a really odd fellow, which Dave reflected in his Chaotic Neutral alignment. He found himself in Barleydale when his cart wheel broke and his mule ran off, and has been there ever since. Having never seen his like before, the town accepted him graciously as the town wizard, coming to him with all sorts of questions and asking him to solve problems around town.

Of course Thomas promptly abused this power blaming most happenings on Unicorns (there are none in the area) which has a caused some paranoia among the towns people who are constantly on the look out for what they have been told are dangerous magical creatures. Thomas has a party of 5 peacocks. that hang around the town square fascinating the villagers who see such exotic creatures as almost magical.

Thomas was one of the people to witness the events inside the cave involving Toby, the green gem and the prophecy. And was one of the people involved in fighting the Giant Spider. The priest Sarah Harper asked him to join the party travelling to the Lord's keep to tell him of these strange events. He has yet to decide if he is going.

Of course Dave and I chose the mini based on its Dr. Who like nature. Which we plan to play off of by building a TARDIS in game... But more on that when the mini is ready. I also like the idea of a Chronomancer wearing a more modern suit in a medieval fantasy setting. It has a great vibe to it.

Dave and I have yet to fully consider all the implications that time travel will have in the game, but I am sure that we will see their effects ripple across the campaign soon. So I am going to have to bury my nose in the Chronomancer's Book soon.

Thomas' mini came from Khurusan minis. You should check them out, probably the best sculptors in the scale. I can't get enough of them, and they do tons of different time periods and settings.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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