Vought F4U Corsair 1/144th Scale

If you have never had the pleasure of building a 1/144th scale model plane I recommend you go to your local model shop and grab one now. For a price of $5-$10 you can get just about any World War Two Fighter Plane, and a few of the more common fighter jets. There detail is just enough that they are a pleasure to paint, but not so much that they become frustrating to build.

This 1/144th Scale  Vought F4U Corsair is from Revell models, and can be found in just about any model shop.

I of course intend to use this plane in a "Check Your 6!" match. I haven't played the World War Two version yet (Just the jets), and will likely switch to 1/300th scale like the rest of my planes, but these bigger planes will make for some good fun!

Being around the same speed and capability I imagine my Corsair will likely face up against my Mitsubishi "Jack" a few times. I wonder which will win the skies - my money's on the Corsair.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
Vought F4U Corsair 1/144th Scale  Vought F4U Corsair 1/144th Scale Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 3/05/2018 02:05:00 pm Rating: 5

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