Conquest of Frey: Chapter 1: Game 12

Game Master: Dave
Game Edition: D&D 3.5
Players: Jeff, Andrew, Elijah
Starting Level: 5

Current Level: 6-10

Quote of the Evening:
"I make our secret whistle call." -Raskavas

"Do we know about the secret Whistle call?" -Bodie


For the first time since Game 3, only Dwannis Muck-Mug (Andrew), Raskavas (Jeff) and Bodie (Elijah) stood together. They had found their way out of the dungeon and into the Wizard's tower where they were sure they would meet their foe.

That would have been a friendly sight.

The Secret passage they had found last game had bypassed much of the dungeon, but each member of the group was very injured and quite exhausted.

Scene 1 The Bottom of the Tower.

Though the room was dark, years of evolution in the Drow and Duergar had attuned their eyes to such conditions, revealing a circular room adorned with bookshelves, a chest, and those serpentine statues they had encountered last game.

A large stair case wound up along the wall, ascending to the next floor and out of the thin pool of water that covered the room and the foul mist that filled the air.

Drawing stairs is hard!
Dwannis immediately headed towards the bookshelves, and carefully searched them. He found a Book of Scrying similar to another book he had found earlier. Disappointed at finding a duplicate spell, he pocketed it anyways knowing its value and returned to the group.

Bodie, was about to give a blast from his bagpipes as he relaxed, until Dwannis stopped him. He cautioned that they did not know what was up stairs and should be careful. Bodie was disappointed but agreed that was a prudent course of action.

Raskavas ignored the two, and went to invetigate the chest. He opened it and found a strange and evil looking set of bagpipes. They were the Bagpipes of the Damned!

Raskavas having no need of bag pipes gave them to Bodie, who snatched them up gleefully.

Raskavas then scanned the whole room and found the remains of a weapons rack. Among the pieces he found an incredible Sword that Dave (our DM) dubbed the "Sexy-Ass" Long Sword. Admiring his blade, Raskavas returned Dwannis' great club, then swung his new blade through the air. It was light and agile and the perfect weapon for the Drow. fighter.

With their treasures in hand, the group made their way up to the next level of the tower.

Scene 2 Zombies In the Room.

The stairs were more hazardous then expected, as two steps of them fell out from under them as they climbed; almost taking the party with them.

At the top of the stairs, a large carpeted and comfortable room stretched before them and another stair case wound up the wall leading to the next level.

Raskavas searched the room seeing more of the serpentine statues, but also another stash of chests. The party rushed over and opened everyone of them. Despite their enthusiasm, the chests were only full of linens and blankets, and the party paid them no mind.

As they closed the chests, a groaning borke the silence of the room. It was coming from behind them. They turned to see four troglodyte zombies.

Just a smidge more powerful then your standard human zombie.
Dwannis quickly cast a Command Undead spell on one of them and ordered it attack one of the other zombies. Raskavas rushed out and attacked one of the unengaged ones, while Bodie pulled out his regular bagpipes, and played a rousing song, inspiring Raskavas to Greatness.

The Battle was over quickly, and the party continued up the stairs, with Dwannis' controlled troglodyte trailing behind.

Scene 3. the Zombie Ogre

Traveling up the next staircase, it briefly flattened out into a landing with a door in the wall. Raskavas entered carefully and approached a chest at the end of the room.

half way though the room a booming noise began pounded behind him. As he reached the chest, he turned to see the corpse of an Undead Ogre moving towards him.

He called out to party for aid using the Secret whistle call. Which gave us our quote of the evening, as Raskavas announced and Bodie questioned whether or not we knew about it.

Raskavas charged at the beast. and the two crossed blades for only a blow. Raskavas had dealt some serious damage, but the Ogre had reduced him to but a single hit point. He had to kill the beast now or perish.

After the beast swung, Dwannis entered the room and with a mighty voice cast Command Undead on the Ogre and commanded it to "STOP!" The mindless creature was helpless against the spell and stood motionless in its tracks.

No undead Ogre, but we do have an Ogre.
Not wanting to risk a trapped chest, Raskavas suggested that Dwannis tell the Ogre to open chest. Dwannis thought it was a great idea, but it proved to be a huge mistake. Instead of opening it, the beast smashed the chest with his hammer, and the red liquid of  healing potions oozed out.

Enraged, Dwannis then commanded the ogre to smash it self to pieces, which it continued to as the party left the room and continued up the stairs.

Scene 4 Zombies in the Way.

The flights of stairs ended in a small hall guarded by more Zombies. A brief brawl saw the party victorious and the continued up yet another flight of stairs.

Why are there so many zombies?
All along the way, Zombies materialized from the darkness striking with ferocity. But the trio were able to defeat them, smashing and commanding them along the way.

At the top of the stairs there stood a large iron door. Dwannis commanded his zombies to open it, and they slowly pushed the iron doors, revealing a full library. Dwannis' eyes went wide with greed.

Scene 5 The Final Battle. The Betrayal.

Cautiously the party entered the room. Dwannis was in awe of the all of the rare books that surrounded him. But his awe was broken by another group of zombies...

This is getting out of hand.
The Party easily defeated them (at the cost of Dwannis' commanded Zombies), and were about to stop and rest, when a booming voices interupted them:.

"Welcome." it said.

Oh Shit! a Ming Flayer!
A hideous monster stood before them and began casting a spell. Within moments. a Mind Blast rocked the room, stunning Bodie and Raskavas for the next 7-9 rounds. As the dust settled, only Dwannis stood against one of the most feared foes in the Dungeons and Dragons.

Start playing the most epic song you know now.
For seven rounds Dwannis resisted the spells of the Mind Flayer and returned his own spells in kind, but it was not enough. Exhausted, Dwannis finally succumbed to a Charm spell, and failed to get away as the Mind Flayer wrapped his tentacles around his face.

Bodie awoke to see the Mind Flayer rip Dwannis' Brain from his skull killing him instantly. The monster feasted on the brain and the turned towards Bodie.

The Duergar Bard acted in a last ditch attempt to save his own skin and pleaded with the creature, swearing his loyalty to it and begging it not to kill him.

As Bodie groveled, Raskavas woke up to see Dwannis dead and the Mind Flayer hovering over the abrd. He charged at the creature but its armour proved too much for even the Drow's enchanted blade. The Mind Flayer Charmed Raskavas and then sat back as  Bodie swore to fulfill his oath.

Bodie you bastard!
Bodie drew his Urgosh, and in an attempt to prove his loyalty to the Mind Flayer attacked Raskavas. Raskavas tried to defend himself, but he was too wounded. Bodie beat Raskavas unconscious and left him to bleed to death on the floor

With Dwannis Dead, and Raskavas Dying, The Mind Flayer slowly approached Bodie, placed his hand on his shoulder and said:

"There may be hope for you yet."



With that, we ended the first chapter of the Conquest of Frey! We had always joked from the start, "imagine if the bard were the one to survive" and low and behold he was!

A great betrayal on Elijah's part  and wonderful story decision from Dave our DM. Definitely fits the pattern of this game has fallen into! I am reminded of Ronah Val's Betrayal of Dwannis in Conquest of Frey Game 5.

When we come back to the Conquest of Frey it will be some time in the future and Bodie will be a powerful Servant of Darkness and who knows what Jeff and I will be!

Dave thanks for the great campaign! Looking Forward to Continuing it in the Future!

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