Dremmond Farwell

Dremmond was born in the North, but took up a post in the South with Queen's Regiment in Vineside. However, in the passing months as the threat of goblin invasion grew and grew in the northerly lands, Dremmond came to see that the dignitaries he was protecting were unwilling to return the favour and protect his home. So, taking his daughter Jocelyn with him, he deserted.

Dremmond encountered Flint, Sen and Kvara by a farm that the three had come to looking for water, and that Dremmond and his daughter were currently protecting from attacking goblins. After helping them, and agreeing to aid Dremmond in his quest to clear the goblins out of the long abandoned Waerham's Hold. Which at the point of writing this will happen tonight.

I will let you know how the battle goes in an update.

I haven't seen much fo Dremmond or his daughter Jocelyn to know what their relationship was like, but it was strong enough for her to follow him in his desertion. So there is at least some love and caring going there. But beyond that we shall see.

To Flint and Sen, Dremmond represents a source of knowledge about riding, fighting, and something that they will eventually have to deal with... The court. Best of luck to them!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

P.S. We did take the hold, but sadly lost Dremmond to the goblins in the battle.

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