Allison Rey the Shepherd

The final member of the party in JADE's 2nd Ed AD&D Campaign Arachnophobia, is the shepherd Allison Rey. A constant gossiper and teller of tales, Allsion Rey volunteered to join the party out of curiosity and ended up witnessing the events involving Toby, the Spider and the prophecy.

When asked to accompany the party to the Lord in Darfield, Rey jumped at the opportunity. Despite her not having much experience with adventuring, she simply couldn't resist the story and the call to adventure. Think of the tales she could tell upon her return!

Allison Rey is currently a Fighter, but I imagine that the party will use her ability to tell stories to make some coin along their trip, and that she will likely gain a class of bard. But of course only time will tell, and a Bard may not be so useful when the giant spiders come in force.

We haven't had a huge amount of interaction with Rey since we've only had two games, and she hasn't been in every scene. But as the group moves on and gets used to each other, she will likely be featured more... At least I hope so.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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