Enoch Fellstone the Death Priest

Moving away from more the more normal classes (like Lawful Evil Gnome Thieves using Beggar Kits) and into the stranger side of things in JADE's Arachnophobia Campaign. For a long time my cousin Adam has wanted to run a Death Priest, but instead of being evil, he wanted to try and be true neutral. Essentially this character was to see if someone could follow those religions and practices without falling into the evil side of things. And so Enoch Fellstone was born.

His parents were refugees from a far away land with bizarre and dark customs, but found their way to the small farming village of Barleydale. Though they tried to keep this past hidden from their son, when Enoch found their ancient religious text has path became clear.

Currently employed in Barleydale as a trapper, Enoch uses the opportunity to practice his death-based religions on the creatures that he catches. No one in town knows the true extent of his beliefs; only that he is a loner and weirdo who's skills make him useful to the town, but is best left alone.

This class really walks the line between what is good and what is evil, and frankly it will be a challenge for Adam to not tip scale, as it would be so easy to do with such a character.

Enoch was asked to join the party because he was part of the events surrounding Toby and green gem, the Prophecy and the giant spider, and he was more then willing to go along with it.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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