JADE's Top 7 Most Embarassing Player Character Deaths

Over the years, of playing Tabletop RPG's, JADE has had its fair share of character deaths. While always a sad event Deaths are often heroic or brave, seeing the player fall to a stronger foe, or the valiant defense of their morals in the face of overwhelming times.

These five deaths are not those times. I present you with JADE's top seven most embarrassing, silly, or just plain unfortunate deaths.

1. Veneros Vajeska

Player: Jeff
Character: Neutral Evil Level 1 Elf Assassin
Campaign: Ivershill 
Game Type: 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Cause of Death: Death by Teacup.

This is perhaps one of the funniest deaths I have ever seen. In a game of Ivershill Jeff, Dave, and my brother-in-law Connor decided to play an evil party and massacre the inn. It didn't go as planned.

Connor's character Barney ended up hiding behind the bar while Jeff's character Veneros Vajeska struggled with a brave patron of the inn in an attempt to escape. To help his comrade, Barney threw a tea cup from behind the bar at Veneros' Attacker.

His shot missed, and stuck Veneros dealing one damage. Unfortunately Veneros only had 1hp left at the time of the hit, and in 1st edition 0hp means you are dead. It is probably the most ridiculous death I have ever seen.

2. Ripley Clark

Player: Dave
Character: Cybernetician
Campaign: Interstellar Exports
Game Type: Traveller

Cause of Death: Death by Pirates

While the cause of death sounds like an awesome blaze of glory, let me assure you it was not. One of the Quirks of the Traveller RPG series is that you play through a small mini game to create your character, and it is possible to die during creation, and that is exactly what happened.

Dave rolled poorly, and his character ended up dying before he ever got to use him. He still grumbles about it occasionally.

3.Margot Jack

Player: Sarah
Character: Gun Moll
Campaign: JADE's Halloween Call of Cthulhu Game
Game Type: 7th Ed Quick Start  Call of Cthulhu

Cause of Death: Death by Sacrifice.

After getting stuck in Innsmouth over night after delivering a booze shipment to the train yards headed for Boston, Sarah's character Margot Jack was kidnapped by the towns residents. Hands tied behind her back, she and her two partners were escorted to the beach. There, they saw Father Dagon and heard the prayer to Cthulhu rise moments before each of them had a dagger plunged into their back.

All three of them were sacrificed, and none of the players had seen it coming. The look of shock on their faces was priceless.

4. Sir Reginald Ginsby

Player: Andrew
Character: Lawful Good Lvl 5 Human Paladin
Campaign: Dungeon Grind
Game Type: 3rd Ed Dungeons and Dragons

Cause of Death: Death By Mimic

My first go at using a paladin was in a game where I was captured, stripped of my armour and weapons, and dropped into a dungeon. My only other party member Dave, who was playing a monk, and I had managed to survive a good many encounters until we came to a door. Thinking we could rest behind it, we went to open it... Only to find that it wasn't a door at all, but a mimic. In our weakened state the beast over came us.

We should have seen it coming, Elijah always puts a mimic in... And really, Mimics!?

5. Valgard

Player: Adam
Character: Lawful Evil Level 6 Duergar Cleric
Campaign: The Conquest of Frey
Game Type: 3rd Ed Dungeons and Dragons

Cause of Death: Death By Trap

While skulking the final mega dungeon of Chapter 1 of the Conquest of Frey, we entered a room, that immediately activated a trap. The doors sealed, a hole in the centre of the floor opened, and water began rushing in creating a whirl pool. We all managed to hold on for dear life, except Valgard.

He was sucked into the darkness, never to be seen or heard from again. The worst part was, Adam wasn't even there! He couldn't make it that day. It seems to happen a lot when player character's become NPC's.

Luckily Adam didn't take it too badly, but what a way to go!

6. Sir Aaron Cormac

Player: Elijah
Character: Lawful Good Lvl 6 Human Paladin
Campaign: The Impossible Campaign
Game Type: 2nd Ed Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Cause of Death: Death By Fireball

During the Impossible Campaign, Sir Aaron Cormac was fighting the hollow undead shell that had become Sir Roland, the very man the party sought. In a desperate attempt to kill the beast, Jeff’s character Toodles threw a fireball at it, and Elijah's Paladin Sir Aaron Cormac was caught and killed in the blast.

There is some evidence that Toodles actually murdered the Paladin, as his character and Elijah's had had a rather heated argument not two games earlier. But without proof and Toodles insisting it was an accident we will never know.

Needless to say Elijah was not impressed.

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7. Spicer Janasta 

Player: Jeff
Character: Neutral Evil Level 3 Elf Assassin
Campaign: Ivershill 
Game Type: 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Cause of Death: Death by Clubbing

In another run of Ivershill  Jeff characer Spicer Jenasta and a party consisting of Elijah's Character Strombo and Adam's Character Thak Thak. They were the first party to find the Thieves Guild in Iverhsill, and after acting incredibly suspicious, were drugged and chained tightly to the wall in the Guild's dungeon.

Thinking he could trick his way out of the situation Spice Jenasta only made things worse, and deciding to be safe rather than sorry Guild Leader Xilus Ray had them beaten to death. They struggled to escape their bonds but to no avail.

They were not the only players to have beaten to death by mobs, or in dungeons in Ivershill, but they certainly were the first. Trend setters you might say.

What silly, embarrassing, horrifying or annoying deaths have you guys had? let us know in the comments!
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