Kvara the Preist

While exploring the depths of the Underdark in Hymns of a Vagabond Game 10, Flint and his companion Sen lost their Thief Sina. It was a devastating blow reducing us to a two man party again. However, some how we managed to survive the first leg of the journey without the talents of our thief.

Along the way we encountered a strange individual. She claimed to live in the cave, and had two tarantulas on her face that she didn't seem to take any mind of. Thinking her evil, we approached her with caution, only to be pleasantly surprised. She was quite friendly, and using her healing magic restored both of us to full health.

But her kindness didn't end there; She then offered to take us to a village where we could rest up, and warn them of the strange and dark symbols we encountered at a forgotten tomb.

This mini comes from Splintered Light miniatures and can be found in their Warriors of Nature Player Character pack. This mini normally has a feather in its hair, but I removed that because it didn't quite work for this character.

I also chose to not paint spiders on her face, makes the mini a little more reusable.

So as players we learned that Kvara is a level 4 cleric which makes her a very useful addition to the party. However, as characters we don't know the extent of her powers, and she told us that she may not be welcome in the village she is taking us to.

Should make for an interesting game, and hopefully her track record will be better than most of our NPCs who have a habit of staying with the party (due to death or abandonment) for only 2 games. Fingers crossed; we could really use a cleric.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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