The Junk Merchant Pix-Tix-A-Plak

One of the characters the intrepid crew of the S.S. Exodus encountered in Interstellar Exports Game 3 was the Junk Trader Pix-Tix-A-Plak... a Regrunian.

Pix-Tix-A-Plak was willing to help the crew, and sold them a number of items from his orbital Junk yard in system 0809's 6th planet.

They left his station on friendly terms, and our party's captain -James- even got his comm frequency.

Now there was an incident outside of his station before the party left, and his status remains unknown.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

The Junk Merchant Pix-Tix-A-Plak The Junk Merchant  Pix-Tix-A-Plak Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 3/12/2015 03:27:00 pm Rating: 5

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