Space Pilgrims

Just before Dry left Vandoor III he picked up a group of 4 travellers. They said they were heading towards the planet Mycra in System 0505 for a festival and paid Dry and tidy sum to take them.

Dry didn't learn much about them before accepting, and oddly they refused the staterooms, preferring to set up a small camp in the cargo bay.

Though they had a lot of cash for light travelling religious types, they seemed harmless enough... And Dry needed a heading to start his search for his missing friend, the robot Caesar. System 0505 seemed as good as any.

These minis came from both RAFM miniatures as well as 15mm co. I grabbed a bunch of aliens from both of those sources, to give my sci-fi encounters a less human feel, these four pilgrims are just a smattering.

What the pilgrims have in store for the crew of the Hornby, who can say. But I am sure we will found out soon in our next Interstellar Exports adventure.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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