Battlefleet Gothic Chaos Cruisers

Being older versions of the Imperial cruisers, the Chaos Cruisers from Games Workshop's Battlefleet Gothic, are very similar to their loyalist counter parts. Both feature prominent bows, and similar weapons and shield configurations.

The main differences between Imperial and Chaos Cruisers is that Chaos ships are usually faster, and slightly less armoured.

One of the most popular chaos cruisers I have seen on the table is the Styx Class Battlecruiser. I think this has a lot to do with how cool the profile is, and because carriers can be very effective weapons.

One of my favourite cruiser types is the Cerebus Class. It uses a comparable layout to the Imperial Lunar Class; featuring both lance and weapons batteries. Cerebus class cruisers, are not one of the standard BFG chaos ships, but rather can be found in the expanded material.

Since I love lances, I use a lot go Slaughter Class Cruisers on the table. I find the speed of the chaos ships, combined with the reliability of the lance hits to be a deadly combo.

So of course I have to use more than one of them!

And at 165pts each it makes them one of the cheaper cruiser on the board, leaving room for some frigate support.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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