Battlefleet Gothic Imperial Cruisers

Game's Workshop's recently discontinued Battlefleet Gothic is one of those forgotten miniatures games. It seems everyone gamed it when it first came out, but as the years went by, fewer and fewer people played it and Games Workshop discontinued it, along with its other specialist games, in March 2013.

Well, here at JADE we don't much care about the expiry date of games and always enjoying playing a round of Battlefleet Gothic.

I was given the Battlefleet Gothic starting box more than 10 years, but was never able to find anyone who was interested in playing it with me. My friends were always down to play Warhammer 40k, but never Battlefleet Gothic. Well these days Battlefleet Gothic Gets thrown down quite regularly, and I have quite a few ships.

The vessel above here is an Imperial Mars Class Battlecruiser. The ship is a great battle carrier capable of doing a lot of damage with its P/S Hangar Bays, and weapons batteries. The prow Nova Cannon is just icing on the cake.

This one is a Dominator Class Cruiser. It features a large array of P/S weapons batteries and a prow Nova Cannon... Which broke off some years ago.

Probably my most used cruiser is the Lunar Class Cruiser. I really like using Lance Batteries. Part of my strategy is to down an enemies shield with my Lances, and then hammer them with a blast from the weapons batteries. It can very pretty effective.

The Tyrant Class Cruisers have an incredibly powerful Weapons Battery array, but the lack of lances. This makes them a little unwieldy. Especially when you require a 5+ to hit most of the time. I find Tyrant's are great finishers, after the target's shields are down.

Gothic Class Cruisers are all about Lance Batteries, which of course hit on a 4+ regardless of armour. They do however fire fewer shots than a standard Weapons Battery which can leave them outclassed in a one on one fight.

I have many more ships from frigates to battleships to come, and will always make sure JADE keeps Battlefleet Gothic alive.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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