Krunt M'Quasood

Since James Hornby died in Interstellar Exports Game 3, Elijah had to create a new character to join in on the next couple adventures. Wanting to be something a little different than before, he picked one of the alien minis I bought from 15mm Co.: A giant slug.

It was of course a ridiculous choice, but never shirking away from a challenge, I sat down and wrote an interesting back story for this species: the Slugulons.

Slugulons are a strange species. They hibernate for 1 year every decade, and are incredibly longed lived. For example, Elijah's character Krunt M'Quasood is around 380 standard years old.  Slugulons do not have a maximum age, but rather increase in size until killed by disease or accident... Like a lobster.

The history of Slugulon civilization is an odd one even by galatic standards. By nature, Slugulons are not intelligent creatures. Rather they gain intelligence by the consumption of an algae that is poisonous to most other life. When the algae is consumed by a Slugulon, it grants them sentience. Thus Slugulon society evolved to force sentience upon its populous, making the algae the only food source. This is because if a Slugulon does not consume this Algae every couple of days, they will begin to lose their intelligence and revert back to being a dumb animal.

The algae normally effects Slugulons by giving them self awareness, a sense of purpose. and a desire to conform. However, some Slugulons, like Krunt, are affected a little differently by the Algae. Instead of giving them the desire to conform it makes them insatiably curious. It is these Slugs that are often at the forefront of Slug invention and ingenuity.

The Slugulons have been exploring the galaxy for hundreds of years now, but prefer to remain silent observers rather interact with other species. In order to avoid contact, they have set up secret refuelling stations that are scattered across the galaxy in the lesser explored systems.

Krunt is the sole caretaker of one of these refuelling stations in system 0506, and only days away from waking up after his year long hibernation. Of course, Elijah is very excited to try out his quirky character in his first appearance in Interstellar Exports Game 5!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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  1. WOW! My miniature (I am the sculptor)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gld you liked it. It was originally ment to be hutt, but i changed the head for copyright issues.

    1. Wow! That's incredible! So nice to meet you! We love that miniature, made for a lot of fun in out Traveller games!

      Do you have any other sculpts?

    2. SURE! here are all my sculpts from SHM range:

    3. And here are some photos of these miniatures that I painted by myself: