Battlefleet Gothic Chaos Apostate Class Raiders

The Apostate Class Raiders are one of the few frigates from Battlefleet Gothic's expanded material. Just like a normal escort size vessel, they feature low shields and a single hit point. however, it is the weapons complement that makes the the Apostate Raiders so effective.

Each Apostate features prow torpedoes, weapons batteries and lances. With so many weapons it means that a squadron can easily hold their own in a fire fight.

The model I use for my Apostate Class Raiders comes from a Shapeways and is designed by Armand's Miniatures and Components. They do a bunch of different models, and I quite like their work. These particular models are called Lyrebird Raider Frigates for those who are interested in finding them on Shapeways.

I use the Apostates in most of my battles, and find them quite effective. You can out gun almost any other frigate, and a squadron could easily take on a light cruiser. It makes them a versatile unit.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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