Battlefleet Gothic Space Marine Strike Cruisers

Since one of my regular opponents in Warhammer 40k plays Space Wolves, I decided to grab a small contingent of Space Marine vessels to throw into my Imperial fleet.

These particular models are from Shapeways, the 3d printing company and were designed by one of their communities designers Armand. You will notice they are a little different than your standard strike cruiser, but I really like the design.

For the hull I went with a very simple pattern, keeping to a traditional scheme I had seen on the Battlefleet Gothic Annual 2002 Cover: a sort of frosted blue. I thought it would be perfect for the Space Wolves.

Of course not playing the Space Wolves myself, and wanting the strike cruisers to be a bit of a surprise, I had no Space Wolf Decals. So I decided to try and paint them on by hand. I think I did ok....

All in all, I find the Space Marine ships are very powerful. Since you can only damage them on the roll of 6+ (excluding lances) it makes them capable of taking a barrage of fire without so much as a scratch.

In battle I have not had much luck against these ships; only ever managing to cripple one. And where I am normally looking forward to seeing my minis on the board... When this one is not on my team, I will make an exception.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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