Space Pirates

The galaxy in JADE's Interstellar Exports Campaign, is a dangerous place. There are hostile aliens, harmful radiations, dangerous alien planets and of course space pirates.

I think every game (setting permitting) should include pirates in some way. They create marvellous bad guys, and the prospect of becoming a pirate themselves will often enamour your players.

Whether they are ex-military, born criminals or just people down on their luck, pirates can make for great adventure hooks. from Stolen Cargo, to Slave Trading, Smuggling, Drug Running, and beyongm Pirates can be involved in just about any illegal, or semi-legal activity

Pirates can also come form just about any walk of lie, making them interesting and robust NPC's. However despite the glamour, a careful referee will be sure to warn their players that in such a profession the mortality rate is high.  The pirating life attracts many of those who's violent tendency have pushed them to the fringes of society. These people are often desperate enough to fight to the last man, and take down others (friend or foe) with them in the process.

But for those that do make it through the fire fights, lack of nutrition and binge drinking, the profits from pirating excursions can be extravagant. With luck, even a modest man may find themselves in possession of a ship, or even a fleet!

I am sure that our Players will encounter many space pirates in their nefarious adventures across the stars. I am also sure that most of those encounters will not be on peaceful terms. I need to be ready with enough miniatures to preform a boarding action at a moments notice with this group, so there will certainly be more pirate minis to come.

And who knows, as the group expands their crew, one of  these guys may even get to become a regular on the table. A sort of B-Cast in each episode as it were.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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