Coloured Map of the Southern Graylands

In my Arachnophobia Campaign I have a habit of creating maps for my characters. Personally I love giving my players their own maps, allowing tyhem to plan and plot their own course as they adventure through my world.

I created this map for John the Greenwood Ranger so that he could figure out how to get from Troutbeck (up at the top in the lake) to Malbridge (just South East of the Wolf's Head). When Thomas the Chronomancer took his TARDIS, map, much of the party's supplies, and then abandoned them in the past forcing them to redo the first chapter of the campaign, John has been in need to some directions.

Since the group has gone completely off track from where they went time, John has been in desperate need of map to help figure out the party's next course in the Southern Graylands. He found this map made by a Gnomish cartographer in the town of Troutbeck. It being a full colour map made with expensive inks, John was forced to pay quite a bit more then he was expecting to.

Flipping the map over John saw that it indeed had the seal of the Map Maker's League, meaning that the map had been verified and was accurate. Seeing that he had little choice, John bought the map on behalf of the party and her and Shan the Sha'ir began plotting their course towards, Malbridge, Chester and ultimately Darfiled and Harbour Town.

As the Dm I loved the look on everyone's face as I pulled this map out from behind my DM's screens. I find giving your players a physical map really helps them get into character, and into the game. Letting them see where they are in relation to where they are going just helps them get a sense of your world!

And like my maps they don't even have to be very good! Just enough that they can plan their next steps.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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