Battlefleet Gothic Eldar Hellebore Frigates

To add some support to my Eclipse Class Cruiser and Aurora Class Light Cruiser, I have a bunch of escorts planned for my small 850pt Eldar fleet that will feature in our Curse of the Relictors Campaign.

Two of these escorts are a pair of Hellebore Frigates.

I actually got these models a few months before Games Workshop discontinued BFG, so they are indeed the real pewter deal.

And I had to call customer services several times as two packs I received were missing pieces! We I am sure they were thrilled about doing for a product they were soon ending.

Hellebores are known for their large Lance Weapons, and frankly their high points cost, which is 75 points to field. A lot for a small escort, but I am hoping they will pack a powerful punch.

Once this fleet is up and running we will see if the Hellebores live up to their value or if they are simply too expensive to be a feasible option. Either way with two it won't make much of a difference for now.

Written by: Andrew Gregory.

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