Battlefleet Gothic: Plague Fleet Idolator Class Raiders

I had originally purchased these "counts-as" Idolator Class Raiders from Shapeways intending for them to be used in my standard Black Legion Chaos Fleet. However, that was a back in 2015 when I was still planning on doing a Black Legion army for Warhammer 40k.

But of course now it is 2018, and instead of creating a Black Legion force I actually ended up reviving my old Plague Marines.

With our new Curse of the Relictors Campaign in swing, I also needed to get my Plague Marines an appropriately sized fleet.

Now, I already had a Plague Cruiser ready to go, but what I really needed to add were some Escorts.

So grabbed these Idolators Raiders and painted them into these Plague Escorts. Unfortunately, when I went back onto Shapeways and tried to find these minis again it looks like they are no longer available. So these three will have to serve as the only examples of this specific layout of Idolators in my fleet.

If you find these minis on Shapeways please let me know! I would love to find more.

Tthankfully in the mean time I only needed these three. So without any records of my previous paint job, I set to work trying to recreate the scheme of my old plague cruiser... And honestly I completely failed. However I was able to change the colour of the old Crusier to match these ships so it all worked out!

And here's the plague fleet so far! A little small, but this is a real easy paint job and I should be finished the whole fleet soon.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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