PAF F-104A Starfighters with Tip Tanks

After my move from downtown Toronto to suburban Newmarket it has taken us a while to get back on track. And while Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer 40k got going without any problems our Check Your 6! Campaign has gone by the way side.

So I am pleased to say that we are back at it and returning to our Check Your 6! Jet Age Crisis in Kashmir campaign.

The first jets I have painted in a long time are these two Pakistani F-104A Starfighters, and like my Pakistani MiG 21's they are among my favourite fighter jets.

Pakistan purchased their f104 from the United States, realizing the need for a supersonic interceptor and when the deal for English Electric's Lightning interceptor fell through.

Armed with two sidewinder missiles and a 20mm vulcan cannon, the F-104 is truly a deadly fighter, and the pride of the PAF.

In my opinion they had every right to be proud. The F-104 was essentially a modern fighter, and was featured in many nation's air forces up into the 21st century, with Italy retiring their last one in 2004. Even the american's were still using these aircraft in their on going Vietnam was in 1965.

Despite thier frequent use, the Pakistani Air Force claims that one of their F-104's shot down an Indian Dassault Mystere IV during the Indo-Pakistan War, and this was the first kill any Mach 2 fighter had ever scored. However of course still their bitter rivals, the Indians disagree and dispute the events.

To put this to the test, our match features one of to two Starfighters against four Mysteres. So we will be putting one of these very scenarios to the test!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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