From Man to Treant: John the Greenwood Ranger

It took a total of 14 games but Elijah's character John the Greewood Ranger, finally fulfilled his destiny. After attaining level four, and completing a grueling quest where they saved the the ancient and holy standing stones in the King's Forest from destruction; the Gods granted him a gift, and made him into the tree person he had always wanted to be.

Since John, liked to plant apple seeds, the gods granted that he become an apple tree himself, and during the summer and fall, the players will be able to pick those apples from him. Elijah is very excited about his new form, though we have unfortunately only had a single game using him as such.

The first encounter with the party after his two days alone in prayer and metamorphosis, was a blur of questions. They asked everything from, how exactly he goes to the bathroom? Does he need to eat? can they eat the apples? Etc, etc.

You can learn more about the Greenwood Ranger Character Kit on our article all about that. It is a great twist for an Ranger class, and easily modified to more recent edition of D&D.

Knowing John well, the group was very happy for him. This was something he had been working towards for years and he finally did it! Even through the bark on his face, his pride beams through. However this change isn't without it's negatives; most common folk would look at John and see nothing but a monster, which will certainly cause problems in the future. Thankfully he hasn't had to deal with that issue yet, but it will certainly be coming up in the small village of Warrem that they are heading towards.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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