The Times They Are A Changin'

Since 2011, more than a year before JADE was officially founded, we have been playing our annual Halloween Call of Cthulhu game. We played for the last 7 years until 2017. However this year, as the title implies, the times are a changin' and we have to break from this old tradition.

There are a couple of reasons we decided to not play this year, but honestly the most dramatic and the most important is that Dave and his partner had their first child this year!'

I have the honour of introducing you all to Dave's son Quinn. JADE's newest member is only eight days old as of this article and is an absolute cutie!

Welcome to the world Quinn can't wait to teach you all about tabletop adventuring with the guys!

So needless to say Dave has been pretty busy, and doesn't really have the time or energy to devote to playing Call of Cthulhu this year. And honestly neither do the rest of us.

5 Months ago, I moved from Toronto (where we all lived) North to Newmarket where most of us grew up. This was largely due to rising housing prices in Toronto, and with my own plans to start a family my wife and I needed more space.

Well with me being a 45 minute drive or 1 and a half bus ride away, it seem impractical to get together with everyone on Halloween which being today is a Wednesday this year.

Elijah is also getting ready to follow his fiance over seas to Scotland next year, and is still getting used to her not being here and having to take care of their dog, cats and household by himself. This again makes a Wednesday game session just completely impractical.

By next year Elijah will be in Scotland making it even more difficult to do. Now we are focusing on doing more remote gaming sessions, however given the time change a weekday game across countries seem a little difficult to coordinate.

So Annual Halloween Call of Cthulhu game it has been a fun ride, but this year we must make way for new plans and new traditions.

Here's to the future everyone! And it is looking bright and exciting!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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