D&D Maps! The Village of Palyos

Whenever I am starting a campaign I usually draw a map of the town, village, city or wherever my players are beginning the story. I don't draw a map for every location they will go to, but if I am having trouble figuring out what a town looks like I will whip something up.

For a starting location in a campaign however I always draw a map. I want my players to feel connected to the world, and have a real sense of where their in-game home is. Whether it is a sense of nostalgia, a place they feel they must avoid, or an actual base camp from which to set out on adventures I always want my players to feel familiar with where they came from.

This village of 200-300 people is called Palyos and is where our ancient Greek inspired Age of Heroes campaign will begin. The village is divided between several levels. At the bottom you have the beach, then up the cliff face you have the Fisherman's Ledge, further up the Town Square, then Farmer's Ledge, and at the very top, the ruined temple watched over by the mostly blind Seer Idomeneus, who acts as the towns priest and spiritual guide.

A traditional Greek Kome, Palyos has is an independent town ruled by an elected council that has pledged its service to King Plades of Delphi in exchange for protection from the many bandits and pirates rumoured to be in the area, though it has been many years since an incident occurred and the people have grown content in their lives... But boy is that about to change.

The people of Palyos are about to have their peaceful existence thrown into absolute chaos, and only our player party will be able to save them.

Written by: Andrew Gregory 
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