Thomas' Time Travel Adventures: JADE's First Spin Off Campaign

Since the beginning of Arachnophobia Game 1, Dave has been talking about how he was planning on one day abandoning the party and having Thomas set out on his on Time-Travel oriented adventure. Dave was well aware that as a level 1 caster he simply wasn't powerful enough to do this, and needed to level Thomas up to a point where he could be more self sufficient. He also knew that since we were playing this in 2nd ED AD&D it was going to take a while.

Thomas reached level 5 by Game 21, and from there he waited for an opportunity to leave. That very opportunity presented itself at the end of Game 24. Thomas had managed to convince the party to come with him back in time to save the small hamlet (where more than half of the party originated) from the coming spider hordes that slaughtered much of the population.

It wasn't a hard sell, but once there and having had a chance to recover, Thomas decided his deed was done, and took the TARDIS, his peacocks, Clops the Horse and left. He cast Timeslip and returned to a point just before the party arrived back in time and in the Dale in the first place, and departed down the same road that the rest of the group would follow the next day.

The rest of the party learned of this just before they left the Dale for the second time, but by then it was too late. Thomas was a full day ahead of them... And could have been anywhere or any time by now.

So far we have only had a single game of Thomas' Time Travel Advenutres. During this game we played through him leaving the party and the Dale (which I had done with him as an NPC since Dave couldn't make it to that game.) and then through some of his travels along the road. There he met with the Sha'ir Zefewé Ibn Agrabah (I don't have a mini for him yet), who claimed to be up here with his assistant looking for rumours of treasure on behalf of the Blackridge Thief's Guild. Thinking this was an interesting adventure, Thomas agreed to join the with the Sha'ir and his young thief friend and see what it was all about.

Despite this current adventure, Thomas does actually plan to assist the Arachnophobia party as much as he can. His first plan after helping Zefewé is get the treasure from outside of Malbridge. The very prize that Butters died trying to claim. Since those events wouldn't happen for almost 3 weeks, and Thomas knew exactly when and where this treasure would be, he planned to claim the 5000gp for himself, and then use time travel to duplicate the money.

This duplication is achieved, by placing your money in a secure location and leaving it for - let's say an hour. You then retrieve your money from the location, and then cast the Timeslip spell and return to a time when your money is still hidden. You recover the hidden money from the past, adding it to the same money you had already recovered from the hiding spot: doubling your funds.  And you can do this for a while: doubling your money each time, basically until someone more powerful notices and has cause to stop you.

Thomas plans to take this wealth and use it to buy a Caravel, and hire a crew. This Ship and crew will then be waiting in Harbour Town to take the party across the sea to the Hellenisitc Isles when they arrive.

I am really looking forward to these adventures, and the look on the Arachnophobia party's face when they come to claim the 5000gp, only to realize it is gone (taken by Thomas) and for them to later learn that it was used to purchased a ship and hire a crew on their behalf. So look or more updates on Thomas' adventures soon when we will actually try and steal this treasure.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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