3D Printed Hunter Class Destroyers

Getting reall Battlefleet Gothic minis can not only be difficult but incredibly expensive! Thankfully the fans have brought so much of it online that you have a lot of options! From Ebay to Shapeways you have a lot of options. And of course if you have access to a 3D printer then the options are endless!

These twelve Battlefleet Gothic Space Marine Hunter Class Destroyers I found on Thingiverse and had my buddy Coy print out for me! I actually only needed nine, but he forgot to change the setting on his printer, so in the end I got twelve, which is great because I can use the seven I need for my Relictor Fleet, and the other five can get added to my Space Wolf Fleet.

I have had a few battles against the Space Marines in the past, but that was of course only using a handful of ships, and two Strike Cruisers. So I am really curious to see how the Hunter Class Destroyers preform on the table, but only time will tell!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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