The Sha'ir Shánfara Al-Asha

After the death of his second character Asra'Vellyn  at the hands one of Count Opplethor's Captains, Sir Gavriel de Ponce, Adam was left needing yet another player character in JADE's 2nd Ed AD&D campaign Arachnophobia. This time around he wanted to be something different and since I am including every 2nd edition class and kit into this game, the Sha'ir from the Al-Qadim Setting was the choice he made.

Shánfara Al-Asha traveled a long way from the Lands of Fate only to find himself kidnapped and taken hostage by bandits. he was later rescued by the party who agreed to accompany him at least as far as Darfield where he was storign most of his things.

Right now it is unclear if Shánfara Al-Asha will stay with the party, but given he is out there exploring and cataloging the world it is likely he will come along.

I had planned a much shorter article on this character, as I painted this mini more than two years ago. However when I went looking for the article to link to found that none existed! So long overdue, but here is my 15mm Sha'ir.

In Game terms, Shánfara Al-Asha is a level 4 Neutral Good Human Mage using a Sha'ir Character Kit. For those that don't know, a Sha'ir is a magic user capable of commanding djinn... Well at least when you reach the higher levels. It is a very unusual casting class, but a lot of fun to play.

The mini for Shánfara Al-Asha comes from Splintered Light Miniatures and is available in their Magic Users Adventurers pack

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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