The Prophecy of the Oracle of Delphi

Since our Age of Heroes Campaign takes place in Isle of Delphi (using our own fictional map of Greece wihtin my larger Arachnophobia World) I had to have to have them visit the Pythia: The Oracle of Delphi.

It took a few games for us to get there, but of course one of the first things the party did when they arrived in Delphi City proper was go to the Sanctuary of Apollo. There, Lander the Priest stood before the Pythia and had his future told.

This was what was revealed to him:

Overall, the party has taken this as a positive omen. It references them and their actions directly , even going so far as to specifically reference to the political situation they have gotten involved with along side Lord Anthenion, and they have taken it to mean that the Gods approve of the course they are on, though it will not be without its trials.

The only part of the prophecy that they have not figured out are the last two lines. The priests said that almost every prophecy of late has ended with that sentiment, or some version of it, and they are also unsure of what to make of it.

All that is known is that the Mortal Sea is the part of the ocean that divides the Hellenistic Isles from the more Northerly Lands of other humans and, dwarves, gnomes, elves and halflings. Without much contact with that part of the world or anything to go on, they have so far chosen to ignore the final line and continue on as normal.

But what do you think the last line means?

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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