3D Printed Eldar Webway Gate

If you have ever taken a look at the old 3rd Ed Warhammer 40k Craftworld Eldar Codex Supplement, you have probably seen just inside the cover the picture of the old, ruined Eldar Webway Gate. Ever since my friend Wesley and I were young both of us wanted to create one of these spires. Now why we didn't just make one using a foam cutter is beyond me. But we didn't, it went into the long list of 40k things we couldn't afford as teenagers.

Now these days Webway Gates look a little different, and decidedly more gate like. However that was not the Webway Gate of my youth, so when I found an acceptable model on Thingiverse I quickly had it printed... And then like my Giant Man Eating Venus Fly Trap, it promptly sat on my shelf for the next three years.

Now I have painted it up and has served as one of my favourite terrain pieces, adding a center of focus to each of the table. If you look through our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can see two of them, popping up on the tabletop in most of our recent games.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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