Exadius the Bear Hunter in 15mm

All the way back in Age of Heroes Game 7 the party encountered a group of bear hunters in the coastal town of Eratrides. In need of money and more companions the group agreed, and so successful was the hunt that Exadius and his fellow hunter Astera agreed to join the party. And they have been with them ever since.

For months now, we have simply been using my 15mm Ranger mini as a stand it. However that mini while awesome, notably looks like Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. Who is a bad ass, but is not Greek looking in any way shape or form.

So for ages I was looking for the appropriate mini to represent a commoner who hunts with a spear. This particular mini comes from Magister Militum and fits the bill perfectly.

Frankly Exadius' time with the party has seen him severely injured in almost ever fight, including one battle that saw the party's healer Lander the Priest use all of his healing spells and combat round actions to keep the poor fellow alive.

While the party is off delivering letters in Game 25 and 26 he is resting at Lord Cinomenes Villa and healing as best he can.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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