Lord Cinomenes the Nobleman in 15mm

In our Age of Heroes Campaign the party has teamed up with a deposed nobleman named Lord Anthenion. However without any lands or titles in the city of Delphi itself, he would be as good as a beggar if it were not for the generosity of his friend Lord Cinomenes.

Lord Cinomenes is a poor nobleman, with no income, or family to his name. He does however have a villa in Delphi, and a decent amount of possessions, such as statues and tapestries, that he sells off to pay for his expenses; which between he, and his house slave Kalikles do not amount to much.

Being an old friend of Lord Anthenion, Cinomenes has invited him, and his retinue into his home which the party is currently using as a base.

Originally like Erapledes the Philospher, Cinomenes wasn't going to have a mini, but as the fighting and intrigue the party has gotten involved in grew closer to his place of residence, it became clear to me that I needed to prepared.

This mini in particular is Xyston Miniatures and I think it is actually supposed to Brutus, slayer of Caesar.

I don't expect to get a lot of use out of this mini as I mentioned above, but given how this campaign has been going, you never know who could get swept up in the fighting.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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