John's Map of the Hellenistic Isles

In Game 23 of Arachnophobia the party agreed to rescue the Wizard of Darfield, who had gotten himself trapped at the top of his 12 story and magically protected Wizard's Tower during a failed experiment in Time Travel. During thi adventure, as John the Greenwood Ranger passed through "The Map Room" he blindly grabbed a map off the shelf hoping it would be useful.

As the DM I expected the players would want a map, and created four possible maps I would roll for when they tried to grab one. It was interesting that only John grabbed a map. I expected at least half the party would try, but they said it simply wasn't appealing to them at the time as they had bigger fish to fry. So in the end, only John was curious enough.

The map he pulled (and I rolled for) was the only useful map out of the four: detailing the Hellenistic Isles and ultimately where the Wizard of Darfield was sending the party once they rescued him sent. A lucky roll!

The Hellenistic Isles are a Greco-Roman themed set of islands that allows us to use the historic campaign sources books from 2nd ed in our campaign. The guys are looking forward to getting there, I know I am as we have never done any roleplay in that kind of setting. So it should be interesting.

In my Arachnophobia world a body called the Map Makers League. Any map with this stamp on the back, has been certified by them. This does not mean that the map is always correct, just that another certified cartographer believes it to be.

I created this map in gimp using assets from the Civilization II computer game. It just made my life a little bit easier when creating this Greek/Roman themed area that the players would be heading towards and needed tyo know as much about as they could.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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