Lander the Priest of Aphrodite in 15mm

Casey's character in our Age of Heroes Campaign is Lander Tomaso. Though he started as an  aspirant, at this point in the game he is recognized in the village as a full-fledged priest.

Lander's family is quite well off in town. His father is a member of Palyos' council and owns many properties around the village from which he collects rent. As such, Lander has the highest social standing in the party, and acts as the group's unofficial leader as a result.

The young priest has taken this responsibility in stride, however used to a more privileged upbringing than most in the party is still unsure whether he has the legs for adventuring.

Being a priest of Aphrodite, Lander has some unusual powers. So, keeping in mind that we are playing 2nd Ed AD&D... Rather than the usual power to Turn the Undead, as stated in the 2nd Ed Player Handbook under the Cleric entry, A Priest's granted power may be something other than Turn the Undead, and the Charm spell was suggested as a possible replacement. Casey felt that Charm would be far more suited to a Priest of Aphrodite than the power to Turn.

And honestly I couldn't agree more. But as a DM I also needed some restrictions. A way to potentially limit the spells effectiveness at lower levels, as to mimc how the Turn the undead spell get's more powerful with each level gained. So here is what we agreed to:

He could cast Charm as many times as he wished, however I warned him that the Gods don't like being toyed with an to not abuse it. We also agreed on a Creature Hit Dice limit. He could thus effect 2HD worth of creatures per priest level. So at his current level 3 he could effect up to 6HD worth of creatures. The final stipulation was that like a regular Charm spell the target would get a saving throw, and those unaffected would realize that a spell is being cast.

This is 2nd Ed after all so remember nothing is that powerful, and Casey felt it was both a fair and pretty awesome ability.

Lander's mini is actually from a set of 15mm Ancient Rabbis from Xyston Miniatures (which seems to be by Scotia Grendel, who also makes a bunch of my 6mm fighters jets. Go figure.). They do a ton of high detail and excellent quality 15mm miniatures from across the ages and world. So worth a look if you want something in particular.

Along with Basil the Ranger and Homer the Ranger, Lander provides some need casting/healing support as well as the social standing needed to obtain audience with the important people around town. All in all an invaluable character.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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