Building the Orc Battlship the Kroolboy

Since finishing up my Tyranid Fleet I have been trying to decide what fleet ot work on next. I was met with two choices. I either start my Tau Collection, or I start my Ork collection. While I was looking through the models I had I stumbled across an interesting pieces of scaffolding I had constructed and it reminded me o fa project I had started long before JADE, and that was to build what I had decided was the Orkish battleship the Kroolboy.

Ever since I saw the the picture of the exploding Orkish Battleship in the Battlefleet Gothic rulebook, just below the Kroolboy's stats I have wondered what it looked like. I have always hated the bulky, ugly and horrendously awkward looking monstrosities that they called Ork Battleship in Battlefleet Gothic and speculated what else the could look like.

So I created this blueprint to scale and on graph paper and painstakingly mapped out how each section might work. created this image Of what I thought the complete ship might look like. I am pretty happy with it.

Now Years ago I did not have the skill or know-how to construct this. But frankly, now I do. So I am thinking that it is worth starting this project back up again and getting the Kroolboy fighting in the heavens above.

I will let you know how it goes.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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