Imperial Guard Leman Russ Battle Tanks

As my Steel Legion march ever forward to their completion, I can at least say that with these two Leman Russ Battle Tanks, all of the vehicles for my 1000pts Steel Legion build are complete.

In 8th edition anyways, Leman Russ Battle tanks are an essential tool. Their ability to shoot twice if they didn't move makes them invaluable counter-vehicle and infantry option, that when armed with a Battle Cannon and a Lascannon clocks in at 164pts. A steal for such a powerful tabletop weapon.

If you want to deck a Leman Russ out a little bit more you also have the option of adding side-sponsons with a variety of weapon choice, and the main turret can even be switched for anything from a plasma cannon to an auto cannon.

In the same way a Leman Russ can output damage, they can also take quite a bit of punishment. Overall it is probably one of the best tanks in the game, and big surprise here, it basically always has been. I remember back in 3rd edition these bad-boys being considered worth it.

In 8th ed I must say I have been impressed. They have great range, and rarely do I lose a Leman Russ to any less than entire army's worth of weapons fire.

I have found them excellent offensive and defensive tools that really give the Imperial Guard that punch they need.

I think the Lemans round out the force nicely! Though I am probably going to need to get rid of that Imperial Firebase in order to fit the three infantry squads with heavy weapons that are on the way.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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