Lord Anthenion the Fighter in 15mm

This stern-eyed fellow is Lord Anthenion from our Age of Heroes Campaign, and like Erapledes before him is one of the groups NPC's. Lord Anthenion however is a much more influential character than the philosopher could ever hope to be. Given his much higher social rank than anyone in the party, he is at least figuratively the group's leader and the player characters are his trusted lieutenants and advisers.

An interesting relationship to have with an NPC to say the least!

As a Fighter Anthenion is well trained though currently poorly armed, and is a nobleman with lands and title to his name. Having lost control of the city of Eratrides to his scheming brother Lord Idolese Anthenion was looking for support and funding to reclaim his birthright. He found it in the player party and their possession of a rare creature they planned to gift to the king in exchange for influence.

The party sees Anthenion in a similar light: as a gateway to the upper echelons of society. So as a group they have decided they are more than happy to call him liege and serve his ends.

Like KyrosLander and Erapledes (as mentioned above) Lord Anthenion's Mini is from Xyston Miniatures. I gotta say that I have been very impressed with the quality of their miniatures and look forward to painting more!

As it stands in Game, Lord Anthenion and the players have arranged a meeting with Charemides, King Plades' personal slave, to come and appraise the lion and begin begin negotiations. For now, the God's have blessed the party. But who knows how long their fortunes will last.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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