Erapledes the Philosopher in 15mm

In peculiar turn of events, Erapledes is a Philosopher from Delphi sought by the Arachnophobia party, and encountered by by Age of Heroes party as they needed his expertise as a biologist. It's a long story involving the charming and subsequent capture of lion - a beast thought extinct in the Hellenistic Isles... But I digress...

The party managed to secure Erapledes friendship and services in Delphi. It was due to this that Augustus the Thief, who had been following the party for several days, decided that he would use Erapledes as the perfect gateway to join the party.

And so following the philosopher home one night, by chance Augustus was able to save the old man from a mugger, and has worked as his bodyguard ever since.

Erapledes has been working with the party for several days in game now, and has been involved in several fights... Not as a direct participant mind you, but as an asset that the party feels they need to protect... And frankly the wizard mini I was using as a stand in just wasn't cutting it.

I think this figure, though not perfect, fits a little better. And like Kyros you can get this mini from Xyston Miniatures.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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