Imperial Guard Hellhound

Like Typhus, and my Chaos Dreadnought this Hellhound is one of my oldest miniatures. I bought it off of my friend Tim in 11th grade, as he was planning on getting rid of his Catachan army. I honestly don't remember the original colour that it was painted. but 16 year old me, quickly painted it black with silver highlights.

And that was how it remained, and featured in many games as a Hellhound of a stand-in vehicle, since it's paint scheme was so generic. So I finally decided to bring it up to snuff.

In 8th Edition Warhammer 40k, Hellhound got a revamp, and became, both awesome and hilarious at the same time featuring a ridiculous 16" range 2d6 auto-hit weapon. I like to charge it up one of the flanks of the table. It frankly can't take that much damage, but enough that it distracts fire from other much more vital Imperial Guard Armour selecitons. But most importantly your opponent will have to deal with it eventually or it will wreak havoc with their infantry and back line.

For those familiar witht eh current Astra Militarium Model Line up, you will notice that the model for the Hellhound has changed quite drastically. The new one is skinnier, doesn't feature the two tanks on the back and has a significantly different gun mounting.

I actually think I like the old one better.

I have done a few builds in 8th ed that use more than one Hellhound, but ultimately I am undecided, with so few fast attack options for the Guard though, it might be my only practical choice to fill that slot.

And so piece by piece my Imperial Guard Army starts to get a little bigger! Soon I will be at my 1000pt goal!

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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