Augustus the Thief in 15mm

About four years ago I finished up this Assassin mini with no particular purpose for him in mind. I had thought that maybe Jeff could use him as an assassin in an Ivershill Campaign. However that character never materialized...

Well it's now 2019 and I finally have a use for him! As Augustus the Thief in our Age of Heroes Campaign!

Augustus was a member of the Eratrides Thief's Guild, sent to capture two party members (Basil and Exadius) who had done them a grave insult a week earlier. However rather than carry out his mission he decided to betray the guild.

For some time now Augustus had been wanting to defect. The life of a Guild Enforcer had been grating on his conscience, and sees the player party as a possible avenue of escape.

Interestingly it has been five games since Augustus joined the campaign, but afraid what the other party members would think if they knew the truth and afraid of the retribution of the Guild, he has not joined the party.

What he has done is managed to become employed as a body guard by an NPC that the player party has been interacting with since then entered Delphi. Because of this he has been interacting and working with the party. But they do not see him as party of the group yet.

Personally I can't wait to see how they sort it all out!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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