Imperial Guard Steel Legion Mortar Teams

I honestly can't say for other editions but in 8th ed Warhammer 40k, mortar teams are friggin' awesome! They rain down with the same strength as bolter fire, at 48" with no need to have line of sight to the target. What's not to love about them?

In game terms, Mortars are a Heavy D6, STR 4, AP 0, DMG 1, RNG 48" Weapon, and as mentioned above it does not require line-of-sight to its target. That means that your standard three base heavy weapons team will get 3d6 shots... My two teams of three get 6D6!

All that fire power translates into a lot of small hits capable of slowly (or quickly) whittling away opposing infantry, and not needing line of sight and the generous 48" range usually means that you can place them well out of harms a way.

My only problem was the that I didn't choose a faction that ever had a mortar made for them. Unlike the Cadian Shock Troops, Valhallan Ice Warriors, Mordian Iron Guard, etc. The Armageddon Steel Legion don't have a specific Mortar model.

This makes sense given their lore as a mechanized infantry. The idea was they would move and strike quickly rather than entrench and bombard. however, I think a healthy mix of both is required to make a truly effective Imperial Guard force.

So I had to create my own mortar teams. I used the crouching figure from the missile launcher team, and painted the missile they are holding so it appears more as a shell. Their companions are simply spare Steel Legion figures placed based on their stance, and of course the mortar itself is the regular old Cadian Mortar from the Heavy Weapon's Team Box.

So far I have been incredibly impressed with the Mortars. they are great for area control, stopping those pesky charging units from getting to close, etc. etc. And at a mere 33pts/three base squad they are a cost effective way to handle enemy infantry. Throw a Commander by them and with the "Take Aim" order you will score just a ton of hits.

And so slowly I creep towards finishing the 1000pts build! They ahve already proved their metal in battle already, I just need them to look the part!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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