Imperial Guard Armageddon Pattern Basilisks

Continuing the trend of overwhelming artillery and adding some heavier support for my Mortar Teams I present these two Forge World Imperial Guard Armageddon Pattern Basilisks.

Honestly I don't really use them as Armageddon Pattern Basilisks in game. But I do think they look a lot cooler than the standard Basilisk, and of course (most importantly) they match the rest of my Steel Legion force!

Rules-wise in -8th Edition Warhammer 40k- the only difference between a regular Basilisk and an Armageddon Pattern Basilisk is that APB's have +1 Toughness, bringing it to a grand total of seven. And it is only 15 points more so not a bad price, but honestly not a necessary upgrade in my opinion.

Design-wise however, I absolutely love this model. Clearly based on the M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer, it was a joy to paint. These models were two of my first experiments with highlighting. My lines are a little thick and wobbly but slowly and surely I am getting it.

And so my 1000pts Steel Legion army continues to grow. Only a few more tanks and infantry and it will be complete!

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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