Zinthilas The Wizard

Zinthilas the Wizard is a very mysterious figure. He arrived at Waerham's Hold on horseback one day completely out of the blue. Unlike the rest of us who's lives had been changed by the coming goblin invasions, Zinthilas in his weeks of travel heading North hadn't seen or heard of a single goblin. This was suspicious in and of itself, but needing someone with some organizational skills we had little choice but to invite him into the castle.

He tallied our stores and helped determine that we had about 1 months worth of food left, along with a list of items and supplies required. Flint and Sen were delighted at the news -it being more food security then either of them had had in 2 months of travel- but Zinthilas was concerned that it was no where near enough to last through the coming winter. 

Despite his crippled leg, Zinthilas later chose to accompany the party on our mission to wipe out a goblin encampment that had harassed us in several previous games. Zinthilas rode out on his horseback keeping with the company, but his motives where not what they seemed. He used his magic to try and trick us to go to Thachet for supplies. It was done out of concern rather than malice for he felt that food for the winter were the priority, and besides, he didn't believe there really were goblins.

Zinthilas has largely kept his Magic-Using status a secret revealing his abilities only to Cutter (who has also kept his talents hidden) And Cutter has not shared this information. The rest of us are completely in the dark, though we have come to notice some suspicious activities that we have all witnessed Zinthilas preform.

In game terms Zinthilas is a level 6 Magic User in 1st ed AD&D who has joined the Hymns of a Vagabond party as an NPC. Level 6 is pretty powerful in 1st ed giving him access to a number of 3rd level spells. In fact he is the most powerful magic user we have encountered so far.

Despite their suspicions, so far the party trusts him as they have no real reason not, but the players don't knowing his true nature. I am actually convinced he is harmless, however in game Sen noticed shackle scars on his wrists when he was dismounting his horse, which suggests their is more to him then he has told us.

I am actually not sure where I got this mini from. I suspect he's from the now defunct 15mm Co, but I couldn't find him on the new Alternative Armies site either... So if you know where he is from I would love to know!

I hope to have a mini of him on horse back finished soon.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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