Kyros the Fighter in 15mm

The final member of our Age of Heroes party is Kyros the Fighter. Though Mike has played some 3rd Edition D&D many years ago, Kyros is his first 2nd Ed AD&D character.

Originally Mike intended Kyros to play through the game as the brother of Talos (The character Greg played before he played Homer). However Talos was killed in game two, and Kyros has been grieving ever since.

Despite his brother's death, Kyros is a very boisterous person, known for telling tales of his own accomplishments that grow with every game.

He has so far fought an defeated giant crabs, bandits, cave bears and even a giant poisonous snake.

Kyros' dream is to become a heroic warrior like his Uncle before him. Though only the son of farmer from Palyos he still has a way to go.

In games terms this means that Mike wants to take the Hero Kit from the Age of Heroes campaign book. Normally you would take this kit while making a character but Mike and I agreed that Kyros would earn the kit by accomplishing something Heroic.

With his quest to rescue Palyos he is well on his way!

Kyros is a Lawful Good character who is always willing to lend a hand and always does what is right. Because of his moral compass he has proven a trustworthy and valuable member of the  party.

And that's the full party so far! I am sure in the future we will be adding in NPCs and characters will come and go but right now these guys are ready for tabletop adventures!

Like Lander's mini Kyros mini is from Xyston Miniatures and can be found among their Ancient Greek Figures.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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