Battlefleet Gothic Tyranid Kraken Bio-Ships

With these final escorts, these Tyranid Kraken Bio-Ships finish off my  for my 850pts Tyranid Fleet for Battlefleet Gothic!

Which means that it is only a matter of convincing one of the guys to play another round of BFG with me!

In the Battlefleet Gothic Cannon, Kraken Bio-Ships act as both scouts and escorts fulfilling the main frigate role in the fleet, and as such they come with a variety of different armaments from the bio-torpedoes I chose above, to pyro-acid batteries and even feeder tendrils!

As anyone who is familiar with the Battlefeet Gothic model catalog you will know that Games Workshop never released an official mini for the Tyranid Kraken beyond the few made for BFG's precursor, Space Fleet. And at that point they were pretty odd, so they don't really fit the current aesthetic if you ask me.

To get around this issue I searched online and was inspired by a blog entry I found about ten years ago now. I cannot remember for the life of me what the link is. However they suggested using Tyranid Gaunt parts to create Krakens, and I modeled mine after his designs.

So with a bit of cutting, super glue and green stuff, my Tyranid fleet is ready to swarm across the stars, consuming every fleet in it's path!

Let's see if my Eldar, Death Guard, or Space Marine fleets can hold them off!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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  1. These are pretty good. I'll definitely keep these in (hive) mind when I finish restoring my BFG fleets and start to hunger for a Tyranid fleet.

    1. Thanks! They were very easy to build, though I also recommend having some green stuff to fill in gaps.