4 Ways to Play a Single Player Board Game and Actually Enjoy Yourself

For the tabletop gamer there is little worse than when the game gets cancelled. Whether it's work, spousal obligations, or because everyone is just plain too tired, cancelling a game means that the tabletop fun is off.

Unlike a video game, tabletop games don't normally have a single player mode, and unless you are willing to trek to your local game store they don't really have a random drop in multiplayer mode either. So without your regular tabletop group you can get left a little high and dry.

But there is one option for the desperate gamer: Single Player Board Games. For many this is an area of gaming that they would never dare tread. Too lonely, too boring, too weird: single player games often go unplayed. Despite these prejudices, there is a way that you can make Solo Board Gaming entertaining, and use them to fulfill that tabletop itch. But you do have to keep a couple things in mind.

Deep Space D-6

1. Read the Rules.

Since you will be the only one playing this game, you will need to go over your rules in some detail. You will have no one to warn you that you have made a mistake, so you must be vigilant. In my experience mistakes in a single player game usual result in a easier rule set then was intended.

A Side note here, I have often found that single player games often have some ambiguous or poorly defined rules. When in doubt check the forums on Board Game Geek: they should help steer you in the right direction.

But overall make sure you know how the game works, and there is no rush. It's just you this evening!

Merchant of Venus

2. Don't be Afraid to Restart.

Since it is only you, no one is going to get mad at a do-over. So if you have been playing the game incorrectly (see above), realized that you will definitely lose, or just want to use a different tactic; just restart the game.

Personally I like to do a full restart, but if you want to roll it back by a turn or step or two then go for it! Just make sure that you have recreated the beginning of the turn or step accurately. Hence why I like to do a full restart. I can never remember and I always second guess myself.

Space Infantry

3. Be Honest.

Without the judgment and prying eyes of another player it is pretty easy to fudge the numbers, change a roll here, move a token there. etc. etc. In other words it is easier to cheat. But a single player board game isn't about beating a rival, and all the emotional attachments that involves (not condoning cheating, just saying), it is instead about over coming a logic system.

So if you cheated you didn't really over come the system and the only person who has any emotional attachment to this game is you... So you really only cheated yourself.

Give the game and yourself the respect they both deserve and be honest.

Space Empires 4X

4. Remember it is Supposed to be Difficult.

Without the thrill of overcoming an equal opponent, single player games must rely on the difficulty of the challenge to keep people engaged. That means you are supposed to lose so you come back and play it again.

So Don't be frustrated if you find yourself losing again and again. You are supposed to. Just keep at it and I promise you will win someday.

With these four personal rules in mind, give a single player game a go and try to beat that system!

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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